Boeing 737 Opportunities within West Atlantic

With an expanding fleet of Boeing 737 -300 and -400 aircraft, West Atlantic Cargo Airlines is one of Europe’s most trusted suppliers of dedicated cargo aircraft solutions to the Integrated Express and Mail industries.

Flying throughout the UK and Europe to some of the busiest freight hubs in the world, you’ll be part of a unique and exciting operation working into the night with quick turnarounds, short flights, and a diverse, often challenging route network. Alongside you will have an excellent team of Pilots, Engineers and Operational staff supporting you 24/7.

You will be given the tools you need to deliver a safe and efficient, on time service to our customers and will be expected to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in everything you do. Highly experienced, you will see the wider picture to make informed decisions each step of the way.

We understand things don’t always go to plan and will do our best to accommodate personal needs or requested days off, along with leave requests.

We are no ordinary Airline. We take pride in the friendly and approachable atmosphere that our magnificent team of diverse employees create. Once you meet the team, you will feel like part of one big family. We operate for various customers, using numerous call signs on a fleet of aircraft that differ from each other. Different customers have different expectations and you will understand how to best deliver the product each of these expect.

No day is the same here at West Atlantic. You should be prepared to work hard, with a hands on approach and get stuck in with the operation. In return we believe you should be treated fairly and know doing a good job and being respected is invaluable.

We understand Career progression is important to you and we endeavour to support this. West Atlantic prefers to promote from within, evidenced by the Cadet Scheme, which has produced current TRI & LTC Captains on both the B737 and BAe ATP fleet. We have many opportunities for our crew to progress, such as;

  • Line Training Captains
  • Type Rating Instructors
  • Type Rating Examiners
  • Internal moves to the Boeing 767 Fleet


Direct entry FO

West Atlantic Group are committed to moving pilots within the group, we value career progression for those who want to move fleets. So far more than 30 of our turboprop pilots have transferred across to the Boeing 737, all ATP pilots join the Boeing fleet as FO’s. Due to business demands we very occasionally need to recruit externally for FO’s. All applicants will have a rating and line operating experience. At interview and sim check we will be looking for applicants who will fit into our operation, make a difference and adapt to our workstyle and company culture.

These opportunities are very rare. Applicants for FO positions should be aware that night freight flying is slow hour building compared to passenger world. That’s not a problem to us, we value experience and ability not hours, however you should consider this carefully before applying.

Direct Entry Captain

As our business has grown we have been able to promote from within, this gives our highly experienced turbo prop pilots a career development and our business some very experienced pilots to deliver the best service for our customers. We have also taken direct entry captains. All DEC will have significant command time, time on type and hopefully some experience with freight.

What sort of person are West Atlantic looking for?

As we’ve said, our work and lifestyle is different from many other airlines. Crews work on week long pairings going down route, you need to be sociable and content with time away from home.

Our routes belong to our customers and so they can change, you’ll experience a very varied mix of flying, you’ll need to be capable and flexible flying to new destinations.

None of our routes pass through our home base, you’ll need to be autonomous, communicative and motivated to get the job done.

See for yourself. Below you will find some examples of the type of flying you can expect and a typical roster from our existing Captains.                                                                        




Roster example

As a B737 Captain the following examples of rostering could be expected. We employ a System for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation (SAFE) which we use to not only meet, but be more restrictive than the FTL Limitations set out by EASA. Due to the nature of Night Operations we are constantly monitoring fatigue reports and encourage feedback from crew.

All crew will report to Coventry, where the duty will start. We will then take care of your travel arrangements to wherever you are due to operate from. You may choose to self-position, however you may return to a different point to where you left, in which case you will be provided transport back to Coventry. From mid-2017 an EMA base may be available.

For more information on salary and pension, please contact

Week on Week off

From January the 1st 2017 the Boeing 737 fleet will be rostered Week on Week off. It’s as simple as that! Crews will be expected to be available for work from Sunday through to Saturday on their ‘on weeks’, we will assign a trip via your roster and you’ll report for work at CVT. We will do the rest, travel to the aircraft, hotels down route and travel home at the end of the pairing. We expect that crews spend that week dedicated to getting the job done and delivering a top product to our customers.

Your off weeks are yours. Your skeleton roster will be predictable so you can plan your life around work months or years ahead, a week of leave will give you 3 weeks clear of duty! Up to 10 days per year in off weeks will be rostered for training.

This means that you have a predictable life. Given that our pairings are all weeks away working remotely in hotels, this work pattern may be suited to pilots who live further away.

We believe this unique employment opportunity within the airline environment will be attractive to both pilots as well as still delivering a high quality product to our customers.

If we sound right for you please send your CV & Covering letter to recruitment at

Please include detail about hours on type, command time, freight hours and a statement about why you think you’d be suited to our airline.

All CV’s and applications must be sent to the above email address, that way we can guarantee they will get into our system, you should receive a reply from this address once your CV is held on file. Recruitment will include an interview and sim check.