Personalised Air Freight Solutions. Wherever, whenever.

Reliable, safe and efficient logistics as well as maintenance and leasing services.

We have been in the Air cargo logistics business since 1962 and know our business as well as yours. Apart from swiftly sending goods, we handle aircraft service and maintenance as well as lease out aircraft.

Express Air Logistics

West Atlantic Cargo Airlines specializes in tailored aircraft solutions for Global Integrators, National Mail Organizations, and other B2B e-commerce suppliers with both ad-hoc and long-term demand for cargo aircraft. With more than 50 years of continuous operating experience we specialize in wet leasing, ACMI, and full charter services, supporting both local and International customers worldwide.

With a fleet of more than 50 aircraft, which includes ATR-72-F, Boeing 737-300 / 400 / 800 Freighters, and the Boeing 757-200, we presently cover a capacity range from 6.5 to 40 metric tonnes.  Focus is on safe operations, high reliability, and customer service.

West Atlantic holds two Air Operating Certificates, one in the UK and one in Sweden, which together operated over 24,000 flights in 2017 whilst serving more than 50 destinations.

Aircraft Sales & Leasing

West Atlantic Aircraft Management (WAAM) specializes in the purchase, sale and dry leasing of aircraft and engine types operated by West Atlantic. We have expertise in cargo aircraft leasing, financing and operational support. Through our two Operating Certificates we are able to provide bespoke, turnkey wet to dry leasing solutions.

WAAM has a long and successful history of aircraft and engine transactions independently as well as in close cooperation with our partners.  This includes a significant number of transactions with ATP, ATR, and Boeing 737 aircraft.  Transactions can be supplemented with additional services including spares, continued airworthiness services (CAMO), pilot training, engineering support and more.

Maintenance Services

As part of our strategy to provide efficient air freight solutions, we are highly focused on maintenance.

West Atlantic’s maintenance organization holds an EASA Part 145 approval to support all aircraft types in the West Atlantic fleet, plus the ATR 72 and SAAB 2000. Base maintenance is performed at our hangar facilities in East Midlands (UK), Isle of Man (UK), and Oslo (Norway). Line support is presently performed at over 20 airports around Europe, with the aim to expand this capability still further.

West Atlantic has two CAMO departments and offers its services to third party clients around the world.

West Atlantic have one of the most versatile air fleets in the business

European dedicated cargo airline specialized in mail and express freight

Aircraft specifications
  • Loading Capacity Kg: 8000 kgs
  • Loading Capacity lbs: 17,637 lbs
  • Main Deck Volume: 75 m3
  • Main Deck Door: 1.29 m x 1.53 m (Main cargo door);
    •                               0.78 m x 1.8 m (Rear entrance door)
  • Lower Deck Volume: N/A
  • Lower Deck Door: N/A
  • Length: 27.16 m
  • Wingspan: 27.06 m
  • Max Range Nautical Miles: 645 nm
  • Max Range Kilometres: 4074 km
  • Cruising Speed Mach: 0.42 Mach
  • Cruising Speed KM/H: 527 Km/h
Boeing 757-200F
Aircraft specifications
  • Loading Capacity Kg: 32000 kgs
  • Loading Capacity lbs: 70547.9 lbs
  • Main Deck Volume: 187 m3
  • Main Cargo Door: 3.45 m x 2.18 m 
  • Lower Deck Volume: 52 m3
  • Lower Deck Door: 140 x 114 cm
  • Length: 47 m
  • Wingspan: 47.3 m
  • Max Range Nautical Miles: 3150 nm
  • Max Range Kilometres: 5834 km
  • Cruising Speed Mach: 0.688 Mach
  • Cruising Speed KM/H: 850 Km/h
Boeing 737-300/400/800
Aircraft specifications
  • Loading Capacity Kg: 19,500 kgs
  • Loading Capacity lbs: 42,990 lbs
  • Main Deck Volume: 109.1 m3
  • Main Deck Door: 3.56 m x 2.18 m
  • Lower Deck Volume: 30.2 m3
  • Lower Deck Door: 1.30 m x 1.22 m
  • Length: 33.4 m
  • Wingspan: 28.88 m
  • Max Range Nautical Miles: 1634 nm
  • Max Range Kilometres: 3026 km
  • Cruising Speed Mach: 0.74 Mach
  • Cruising Speed KM/H: 914 Km/h
Aircraft specifications
  • Loading Capacity Kg: 21,800 kgs
  • Loading Capacity lbs: 48,060 lbs
  • Main Deck Volume: 135.9 m3
  • Main Deck Door: 3.56 m x 2.18 m
  • Lower Deck Volume: 38.9 m3
  • Lower Deck Door: 1.30 m x 1.22 m
  • Length: 36.4 m
  • Wingspan: 28.88 m
  • Max Range Nautical Miles: 1522 nm
  • Max Range Kilometres: 2819 km
  • Cruising Speed Mach: 0.74 Mach
  • Cruising Speed KM/H: 914 Km/h
Aircraft specifications
  • Loading Capacity Kg: 23,950 kgs
  • Loading Capacity lbs: 52,800 lbs
  • Main Deck Volume: 141.5 m3
  • Main Deck Door: 3.56 x 2.18 m
  • Lower Deck Volume: 43.7 m3
  • Lower Deck Door: 1.30 m x 1.22 m
  • Length: 39.5 m
  • Wingspan: 35.8 m
  • Max Range Nautical Miles: 2293 nm
  • Max Range Kilometres: 4247 km
  • Cruising Speed Mach: 0.78 Mach
  • Cruising Speed KM/H: 963 Km/h

Air Cargo Destinations

We will help take your cargo wherever you need. In addition to our scheduled routes we offer fast and efficient ad-hoc charter solutions to any destination.

Map showing a range of current and historical routes West Atlantic fly.


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