Christmas cards from Sheffield to Svalbard

Our fleet is flexible enough to handle extra capacity whatever the season.

Our aircraft play a key role in delivering letters, cards and parcels for many of Europe’s largest national mail carriers, linking postal services in southern Europe with those in the very north.

So when a child in Spain, Switzerland or Sheffield writes to Father Christmas it can travel aboard our aircraft all the way to the North Pole. (Well, very close to!)

This film shows one of our CRJ200PFs flown by Captain Jan-Anders Tingström on approach and landing at Svalbard Airport, on a Norwegian Island far into the Arctic Circle, a trip we make every day Monday to Friday.


Horses from Dublin to Dubai

We have the specialist training, licences and adaptable aircraft to deliver whatever you need, wherever in the world.

Every so often West Atlantic is trusted to move a very special cargo, racehorses. A transport like this of high value, delicate live animals requires specialist training, experience and knowledge.

We use specially adapted aircraft for work like this and our pilots are trained for the unique take-off and landing techniques that are needed when transporting horses.

Our experienced ground staff are fully focused on animal welfare and ensuring that the horses remain calm during a potentially stressful experience. A typical flight begins on the ground in Dublin where the horses pass through a special security process. They board the 737 aircraft with trained handlers via a modified ramp and are secured safely aboard, each standing in a custom built box.

The horses have enough room to be comfortable, but not so much as to mean there are safety issues. Horses are used to travelling in horseboxes on the ground and an aircraft isn’t much different. A team of grooms travel with the horses and help keep them calm throughout the process, the horses are fed and watered at regular intervals throughout the flight to keep them hydrated and avoid any chance of colic, a risk when travelling by air.

The horses receive first class treatment with consideration for their comfort even going so far as to change the way the aircraft is flown, pilots must perform shallow take-offs and landings as this minimizes braking and reduces the stress on the horses.

Once on the ground again the horses are given a chance to stretch their legs and relax before travelling to the local stables and on to the racetrack.