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West Atlantic open positions

At West Atlantic, we are always looking for skilled and professional colleagues. Below is a list of open positions waiting for your application. Please read our privacy policy before sending in your application.

Please note: If you are applying for a pilot position with West Atlantic unfortunately we do not have any vacancies at this time.  Due to the high volume of enquiries/applications we may be unable to respond to you.  All previous applications do remain on our file for 6 months and should the situation change you may be contacted.

Open positions

Application deadline


Application deadline:

West Atlantic are currently looking for a Supply Chain Coordinator to work as part of the Logistic Team in Malmö. This is a fantastic opportunity to work for one of Europe's leading cargo airlines.

Position Type:  Permanent Full-Time. Shift pattern 24/7

Department:    Logistics         

Location:          MMX (Malmö-Sturup)

Responsible to Logistics Controller MMX (Malmö-Sturup)

 Role Summary

Responsible for coordinating the maintenance spare parts supply chain for the West Atlantic Group and SwiftAir Group.

Ensure that the service provided is carried out to the required standards, on time and in full to ensure customer satisfaction.


  •  Purchasing of aircraft spare parts according to the schedule for stock and/or defects. 
  • Ensure all parts are to the correct specification and that the correct administration is carried out as per SOP’s. 
  • Ensure all parts arrive on time and to the correct destination, monitor and review on a regular basis. 
  • Resolve all issues with regard to non-conformance with stock e.g., late deliveries, non-deliveries, deliveries to incorrect destination etc. Ensure timely and effective communication takes place with all relevant departments. 
  • Organise freight solutions to support the supply chain movement for all parts ensuring they are timely and cost effective. 
  • Liaise with all relevant departments to ensure that stock levels are maintained to the correct levels according to company requirements. 
  • Maintain and update all supply chain systems and relevant administration to ensure correct information on stock is available at all times. 
  • Know and maintain up to date knowledge of all relevant customs regulations to ensure compliance at all times. 
  • Assist and support the stores team with managing the stores effectively and efficiently.

 Academic/Educational Requirements

 Gymnasium level

 Required Skills/Experience:

  • Aviation industry experience is essential.
  • Previous experience within the supply chain function including aircraft stores.
  • Previous purchasing experience of aircraft spare parts.
  • Proven problem-solving ability.
  • Excellent planning and organization Skills
  • Experience of managing dangerous goods
  • Possess good communication skills (both written & verbal)
  • Ability to work independently and within a team
  • Ability to take the initiative
  • Excellent IT Skills – Knowledge of supply chain systems is considered an advantage
  • Driving license


If you have questions about the vacancy, please contact Supply Chain Manager Josip Lukic

josip.lukic@westatlantic.eu (We do not accept CV via email)

Please apply by clicking the “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen.

The application shall include a CV and a personal letter. Interviews and selection are ongoing.

Deadline for applying is 2021-05-15.






Milou Frohn


I’ve always loved to fly and to be able to do that for a living and see so much of the world is fantastic. The most important thing is having a great company behind us, always helping me to develop and providing all the support I need.

Lukas Biörnsen

Technical administration

West Atlantic is a great employer and take a real interest in my development and work life balance. The administrative side of the company is a really important part of our operation and I’m glad my role plays an important part in making sure our aircraft deliver on time.

Sandra Hellgren

Airplane Maintenance

I take great pride in my role in keeping our fleet in the air, every minute on the ground is time that we can’t help our customers. Getting our aircraft up and running again safely is what I enjoy the most.

Loading activities at EMA

Photo: Rob Edson, Ground Operations Manager, UK


Inflight to Svalbard

Photo: Jonas Holmberg, First Officer CRJ


First Boeing 737-800 arrives at EMA

Photo: Unknown


Team spirit in cockpit

Photo: Bertrand Pouderoux, Captain ATP


Safety training

Photo: Alastair Yardy, First Officer 737


Maintenance in Malmö

Photo: Geovanny Mejia, Technician


Celebrating a new contract

Photo: Nigel Hiorns, Managing Director and AM, UK


767 In the Hangar

Photo: Michelle Plunkett, 767 Engineer


On the flight deck

Photo: Elliot Longly, First Officer ATP


737 on ground

Photo: Charles Cleves, VP Sales


Office life

Photo: Aleksandra Rashid, Finance Controller - Maintenance


View from cockpit

Photo: Geovanny Mejia, Technician


New ATP-Pilots

Photo: Maarten & Eddy, First Officers ATP


First Boeing 737-800 water salute

Photo: Unknown



Photo: Thomas Holm, Captain CRJ


Loading B-767

Photo: Graeme Pryke, Captain 767


Morning view in ATP cockpit

Photo: Carl Klein, First Officer ATP


737-800 Line up in Liege

Photo: Christian Vanguers, Mechanic


737 Approach in Jersey

Photo: Tom Masterman